Developer Interface

The Elevate Developer Interface provides a way of building your own dispatcher control systems into Elevate. Rather than spending years developing a new simulation package to test and develop your control systems, why not use ours?

The Developer Interface requires you to code your control system into a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) using Microsoft Visual C++. A sample project including a basic group control system is provided to get you started (you must own a copy of Microsoft Visual C++).

When you compile the new DLL, it is placed in the directory where Elevate is installed. Then within Elevate, select the dispatcher from the Custom options in Analysis Data. All of Elevate’s simulation and analysis options are then available to use with your dispatcher.

If you have purchased Elevate and require the Developer Interface project, please contact us.

Please note that assistance with the Developer Interface is not included in the Elevate Maintenance and Support package. Support for the Developer Interface is provided on a consultancy basis. For details of the services on offer, please contact us.