Recommended Books

CIBSE Guide D Transportation Systems in Buildings

Since its inception, Guide D has become the de facto reference for many people involved in the broad and varied world of vertical transportation. The Guide provides the reader with a wealth of information and recommendations on key issues relating to vertical transportation systems. The Guide is not only a key source of information for those who work within the vertical transportation industry but is also a valuable source of information for architects, developers and those involved in the management of estates and individual buildings.

Elevator Traffic Handbook

The second edition of this well-respected book covers all aspects of the traffic design and control of vertical transportation systems in buildings, making it an essential reference for vertical transportation engineers, other members of the design team, and researchers. The book introduces the basic principles of circulation, outlines traffic design methods and examines and analyzes traffic control using working examples and case studies to illustrate key points. The latest analysis techniques are set out, and the book is up-to-date with current technology. A unique and well-established book, this much-needed new edition features extensive updates to technology and practice, drawing on the latest international research.

Vertical Transportation Handbook

Often called the Bible of the Elevator Industry, this valuable one-of-a-kind guide is for both the practitioner and the uninitiated person who is faced with understanding and making decisions about the applications of elevators and escalators. The book describes multiple aspects of elevatoring including construction, traffic analysis, operation, maintenance, problem solving and unique applications. New topics in the 4th Edition, such as machine-room-less systems and current operation and control procedures, ensure that this book maintains its standing as the premier general reference on vertical transportation.