Company X has given me simulation/traffic analysis results which show better performance results than Elevate

It should be possible to demonstrate consistency between elevator simulation/traffic analysis programs when “like for like” analyses are being compared. Some benefits can be demonstrated by applying enhanced dispatching algorithms. However dramatic discrepancies should be examined closely and treated with caution; investigation often reveals that the assumptions made in the comparison are different. Simulations performed on the edge of saturation amplify differences as the system is close to the point at which is becomes unstable.

When visiting jobs we repeatedly see performance is worse than presented in simulations prepared for sales purposes. Elevator companies, quite correctly, seek to sell the products and services of their elevator company. However being objective and transparent in elevator simulation/traffic analysis does not always support the goal of convincing the client that their equipment is superior to other products on the market.

There are many assumptions made when performing elevator simulation/traffic analysis. With Elevate we strive to be as close to real life as possible, and to give the user as much control as possible over inputs which can be measured or specified. Much of our research is published and provides the basis for industry guidance documents such as CIBSE Guide D, Transportation Systems in Buildings and The Vertical Transportation Handbook.

Our simulation is generally quite conservative as the simulated performance needs to be achievable in the real world with real people, and without restricting the client to a single supplier.

Having designed and supported the development of a wide range of commercial dispatchers, we can make an informed judgement as to how sophisticated to make our generic dispatchers. Many elevator companies use Elevate as their simulation/traffic analysis tool. We have provided a facility for companies to link in their own dispatchers if they are significantly better than the generic algorithms.

As technology develops, we seek to extend Elevate to reflect what the industry is delivering rather than to give “better” results simply to match simulations prepared for sales purposes. It is easy to make a simulation give “better” results. It is more difficult to deliver those results in real life.

We are always willing to work with any supplier who thinks that their equipment performs better than can be represented using Elevate. This is reflected in our contribution to CIBSE Guide D (Chapter 4) where principal author, Dr Richard Peters states, “The CIBSE Lifts group is also pleased to participate in peer review of where a supplier claims that their system requires less lifts than other suppliers. Genuine enhancements will be acknowledged and reported at”