I have installed Elevate. The program is working, but I cannot open the Building Data, Elevator Data or Passenger Data dialogs.

This happens very occasionally, and is normally caused by the table data entry component not being registered correctly by the installation program.


  • Make sure you are logged on as an administrator
  • Click on the Windows Start Button
  • Select Run
  • Type in : regsvr32.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Elevate 8\VCF132.OCX"
  • Click OK.

If you get the message "DllRegisterServer in VCF132.OCX succeeded", all should now be working.  if you get an error code, this is probably Windows blocking you from running this command.  To resolve this,

  • create a text file run.txt on your desktop
  • edit the text file so that it inlcludes the single line: regsvr32.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Elevate 8\VCF132.OCX"
  • save the text file and rename it run.bat
  • right click on the run.bat and select "Run as administrator"

If you get a different message, or Elevate is still not working, there has been a corruption in the download of the installation program, or there is another version of VCF132.OCX on your computer which is incompatible with Elevate.

To resolve either of these potential problems,

  • Remove Elevate completely (using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel)
  • Use the Windows search function (Start button, then select Search) to find all copies of VCF132.OCX on your computer. Rename any you find old_VCF132.OCX.
  • Download the software again, and re-install. This should now have resolved the problem. If another application you are using needs the file we have renamed old_VCF132.OCX, please contact Technical Support - at the time of writing we are not aware of any subsequent conflicts that arise by using Elevate's version of VCF132.OCX.