Viewing the Results


Data and results are displayed in a print preview format on the main display area once the simulation is complete.  The results are presented below the data, so you may need to scroll down the report to see the results.

You can zoom in and out of these results by selecting View, Zoom In or View, Zoom Out.  Alternatively, press the  and  buttons on the Toolbar.  If the fonts used are too small or too big when you print, select File, Page Setup to adjust the number of lines per page.  If you have analysed a range of configurations using the Standard mode Elevator Data options, you can scan through these results by selecting View, Next Results or View, Previous Results.  Alternatively use the  and  buttons on the Toolbar.  To view a summary of data and results for all the configurations analysed, select View, Summary Results.  Alternatively, press the  button on the Toolbar.

If you change any data (apart from Job Data or Report Options), the analysis results cease to be valid, and the results screen is no longer displayed.  You must run the analysis again for new results.  More technical information about the calculations performed by Elevate is available.  Please select Elevate on the web from the Help menu.  Your selection of Measurement System in Analysis Data will determine whether Elevate displays results in Metric or U.S. units.  Metric units will be assumed for the discussion of results.

Results are automatically saved to a file with the same name as your Elevate file, but with an .elr extension.  If you Save the file, and then Open it later you do not need to run the analysis again.

Figure 15   Example RTT calculation results display


Figure 16   Example simulations results display