RTT Calculation Results

Figure 32   RTT results


This represents the average time in seconds between successive elevator cars arriving at the main entrance floor(s).

Capacity Factor and 5 Minute Handling Capacity (%)

Capacity Factor by Mass (%) and Capacity Factor by Area (%) refer to the fullest the elevator will be for an average round trip.

5 minute handling capacity (%) is the percentage of the building population transported by the elevators in five minutes during a morning up peak.

If the Analysis type is Enhanced up peak or General analysis the inputs specify how much traffic there is going to be and Elevate calculates Capacity Factor by Area and Capacity Factor by Mass.  In an Up peak analysis the inputs specify how full the elevator will be, then Elevate calculates the 5 minute handling capacity.  Thus only one of these two results is given according to the Analysis type selected.

Intermediate Results

Elevate also displays intermediate results calculated during the analysis.  For more information about these results, please contact Technical Support.

No Results

Elevate will abort calculations where the Capacity Factor by Mass is >100% as the configuration is clearly unacceptable.  On the results print out for this configuration the message with be displayed:  “This configuration has been rejected because the required handling capacity cannot be achieved without increasing the size or number of the cars”.

If you are using the Report Options, Elevate will also discard configurations which do not meet any criteria specified.  On the results print out for this configuration, the message “This configuration has been rejected due to the Report Options parameters” will be displayed.

If you have no results, adjust the Report Options, reduce amount of traffic or increase the specification of the elevators.

If all results are either invalid, or have been rejected due to the Report Options settings, the summary results page will display the message “All results are either invalid, or have been rejected due to the Report Options settings”.

Low and Zero Results

Round Trip Time calculations are intended for analysis of peak traffic, when the elevators are busy.  If this is not the case, some results may be low, or even zero.  This is a limitation of the calculation.  With Elevate, you can overcome this by changing the Analysis type to Simulation.

Spreadsheet Results

In addition to the standard Elevate report, you can transfer the data and results, as currently displayed, to Excel by selecting View, Results Spreadsheet.   Alternatively, press the  button on the Toolbar.  If you use a spreadsheet other than Excel, and want to use this spreadsheet facility, please contact Technical Support.

Figure 33   Example Spreadsheet output of RTT results