Jim Nickerson


Software Developer

Career Overview

Jim Nickerson has been working with Peters Research as a Software Engineer Consultant since 2009 and has been involved with the development of Elevate Live.

Previous to this Jim worked for ThyssenKrupp Elevator and DigiMetric Inc.

Areas of Expertise

Microchip PIC,  C32,  C18,  Hi-Tech PICC,  Visual Studio/C++/c#/VB/.Net,  PHP,  C,  MySql,  XP, Windows CE,  I2C,  SPI,  Ethernet,  CAN,  RS232,  RS485,  TCP/IP,  8051,  Keil, 802.11,  Eagle PCB, Embedded DC Servo Drive,  NI LabVIEW,  Sumitomo HF430 series VVVF drive,  Danaher Motion S600 AC Servo Drive,  Allen Bradley and Modicon PLC,  Journeyman Instrument Mechanic. 

Professional Experience

Software Engineering Consultant

2009 – present

Projects with Peters Research

  • Development of Elevate Live remote monitoring system.
  • Integration of 3 axis accelerometer data into Elevate Software
  • Development of new features and maintenance of existing modules for Elevate 8 release
Software Engineer and Contract Programmer Supervisor,  ThyssenKrupp Elevator

2000 – 2009

Key Projects

  • DSC dispatcher software integration
  • Universal Digital PI to replace older discrete bulb PI’s using AC or DC.
  • Hoistway cable reduction to 4 wires for Hall Fixtures, Door Locks and safety circuit wiring using signalling over AC power line and CAN to the controller.
  • CAN Elevator earthquake detector using ADXL202 on dsPic30F. 
  • CAN Hall Call Push Button with additional I/O for gong & Position Indicator. 
  • CAN Car Call Push Buttons with additional I/O. 
  • CAN MAC: Hands free emergency in car phone, modem data communications, audio announcements, emergency bell and battery backup emergency light with CAN communication.
  • CAN Hall and Car Position indicator.
  • CAN Bolt Counter to detect slippage and stop the elevator before damage occurs.
  • CAN Remote Brake Board detection system.
  • Embedded TCP/IP board
Senior Software Engineer and Supervisor for contract programmers,  DigiMetrix Inc

1989 to 2000

  • Development of remote monitoring for transit systems including Washington DC WMATA Metro, San Francisco BART and Las Vegas pedestrian escalators for Kern County
Senior Software Engineer,  Tallyrand Industrial Systems Inc.

1996 to 1998

Key Projects

  • C++ NT network applications to transfer orders from AS400 to production line flying cut-off controller. Real time monitoring and remote control of controller.
  • Embedded control software to link three flying lunch controllers to coordinate punching patterns in material.
  • Allen Bradley PLC and Quick panel software for process control.  
  • Modicon PLC and Modicon PanelMate software for process control.
Senior Software Engineer, R&D,  Plant Equipment Inc.

1995 to 1996

Reverse-engineered communication protocol for Northern Telecom Meridian telephone sets, used in the 85 station CTI (Computer Telephone Interface) 911 service center installed in Dallas Texas.  VB and C test software to talk to and test the telephone sets. Specified, set up, configured and installed the 20 station NT network used in the New Hampshire 911 center, and the 22 station Phoenix Fire 911 center. 

Specified, set up and maintained 20+ station NT network used by in house engineers for software development and testing. 

Set up and in charge of CD Rom mastering for software distribution. Converted cable tester setups from audio tape to CD Rom.  Set up GPS receiver to get real time for Phoenix Fire 911 center call logging. Designed parallel port-controlled switch to remotely generate 8 incoming calls for test and debug.

Self-Employed Computer Consultant

1987 to 1989

Software Engineer,  Kayro Corp.

1982 to 1986

Journeyman Instrument Mechanic

pre 1982