Matthew Appleby


Software Developer

Career Overview

Matthew has been working for Peters Research since September 2019 and is currently studying for a Digital and Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship with QA. His roles include researching and coding new features for Elevate, updating the websites and technical support for events the company has been involved in.

Programming and research projects that Matthew has worked on include:

  • The Round Trip Time Simulation
    • an implementation of the Monte Carlo Simulation into Elevate
  • Passenger Generation
    • a passenger model using Poisson approximation and batching
  • Dynamic Profiles
    • a general case kinematics profile model for complex lift systems 
  • Elevate Online
    • an online version of the uppeak calculation for on-the-go analysis


Chesham Grammar

2017 – 2019

Alevel –

  • Maths
  • Computer Science
  • Chemistry

ASlevel –

  • Physics


2020 – 2024

Digital and Technology Solutions

Software Development Pathway

Professional Experience

Peters Research

2019 – present

  • Worked on the development team for Elevate Online leading the front end implementation
  • Rebuilt the company’s home website with a modern look
  • Built the new store for selling software, training, books
  • Provided technical assistance for the CIBSE Guide D launch, LES 2020 and LES 2021
  • Mentored a gap year student in understanding C++ code and Lift Traffic Analysis
  • Transferred the manual to an optimised help documentation site
  • Rewrote the Uppeak calculation in well-disciplined object-oriented programming
  • Researched and developed the Round Trip Time analysis type for Elevate
  • Researched and developed the Dynamic Kinematic feature in Elevate
Technical Experience
  • C++ in Visual Studio 2019 using Google style-guide
  • Python 3
  • PHP with the Laravel framework
  • Javascript with the Vue framework
  • Mathcad 6 for complex calculus
  • Completed MATLAB Onramp training with MathWorks
  • Experienced Elevate user
  • Attended training on LiftPro
  • DaVinci Resolve video editor
  • ATEM mini pro vision mixer direct streaming
  • WordPress, Elementor, WooCommerce website development
Modules Studied
  • Understanding Systems Development
  • Data Communications and Network Security
  • Maths and Algorithms
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • IT Project Management
  • Business System Processes
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Solutions and Architectures
  • Software Engineering and Agile
  • Practical Data Analytics
  • Practical Research Proposal
  • Software Engineering and DevOps
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Developing Technology Strategy


Conference Papers

Appleby M, Peters RD The Round Trip Time Simulation: Monte Carlo Implementation and Consistency with Other Techniques Proceedings of the 11th Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technology (CIBSE Lifts Group, the University of Northampton and LEIA) (2020)

Appleby M, Peters RD Dynamic extension for Ideal Kinematics Transportation Systems in Buildings Vol 4, No 1 (Northampton Open Journals) (2022)

Appleby M, Peters RD, Deokar N Generation and Application of Dynamic Lift Kinematics 13th Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technologies (13th Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technologies) (2022)

Al-Sharif L, Peters RD, Appleby M Enhancing the I-S-P Method (Inverse Stops-Passengers) Using the Monte Carlo Simulation Method (13th Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technologies) (2022)