I have an English computer, but some of the Elevate dialog boxes are in German (or another language).

Some programs change the language of "common Windows controls" which are shared with other Windows applications. This can cause the problem that you have experienced, which is why Microsoft recommend that software developers do not do this (reference technical note TN057 in Microsoft Developer Network Library). This action does not just cause problems for Elevate - it even changes the language in some Microsoft applications, for example MS Visual Studio Visual C++. The solution is to find mfc42loc.dll (using the Windows Search function), then delete it (or re-name it to keep a backup). Then re-start your machine. You should check what effect this has on other applications. However in our experience there is none, other than the "offending" application no longer uses German (or other language) in the common Windows controls. If this fix does not solve the problem, or another conflict arises, we are happy to coordinate directly with the authors of the conflicting software who should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In any case, you may wish to pass this information to them for their comment/review.