Elevate 8


This is the download page for customers who have purchased Elevate 8.  Please bookmark and return to this page for updates.

The current version is 8.27.  (Windows XP is no longer supported; for Windows XP please use Version 8.15 available on history page.)

Single copy licenses: How do I unlock the software with a HASP key?

Company licenses and Elevate Express: How do I unlock the software with an unlocking code?

If you want to add your own dispatchers to Elevate, you will also need the current developer interface project:

Please note that the Elevate Developer Interface is an Microsoft Visual Studio Version 2008 project (the free Express version is sufficient) and you must have this software to create dispatchers for Elevate 8.  Technical support for this feature is only available on a consultancy basis; if you need support please ask for a quote.

Please report any problems found here

Elevate Version History