Elevate & Elevate Express

About Elevate

Elevate™ is software used by designers world-wide to select the number, size and speed of elevators for all types of new buildings. Elevate™ can also be used to demonstrate that modernizing an existing elevator installation will improve service for passengers.

Elevate’s features include

  • Analysis of elevator performance in offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, residential buildings, car parks, mixed use buildings, airports, public buildings, sports and leisure complexes, schools and colleges.
  • This is achieved by techniques ranging from up peak round trip time calculations through to full dynamic simulation.
  • Dynamic simulation incorporating a graphical display of elevators responding to passenger calls. For your clients, this provides a convincing visual demonstration of your proposals.
  • An easy to use Windows interface. Enter basic information for a quick analysis or comprehensive data for a detailed model.
  • In addition to standard reports, transfer input data and results to Microsoft Excel at the click of a button. Excel reports also include extensive additional analysis results.
  • Supplied with a fully comprehensive help system and user support. 

    Elevate™ is also an excellent tool for developing, testing, and demonstrating your own control systems.

About Elevate Express

Not everyone needs the full features of Elevate™.  Elevate™ Express is the basic version of Elevate, but is still more advanced than most other elevator traffic analysis software!

Elevate Express’ features include

  • Analyze up peak traffic using both round trip time calculations and full dynamic simulation. 
  • Intended mainly for analysis of office buildings, but may be used for benchmark calculations for other types of building.
  • Calculates result for a range of sizes and speeds in a single run so you can find the optimum solution quickly.
  • Easy to use Windows interface.
  • For high rise building, elevator groups with express zones may be analyzed.
  • Provides comprehensive printable reports with your company name in the title for presentation of your design to clients.
  • Option to upgrade to the full version of Elevate.

Summary of Features


Analysis Data
Up peak analysis - assumes all people arrive at the ground floor, calculates handling capacity and interval ü ü
Enhanced up peak analysis - like up peak, but you specify the target handling capacity ü  
General analysis - people can arrive at any floor - calculate up peak, two way, basement service and more! ü  
General analysis for double deck elevators - all traffic flows, but with double deck elevators ü  
Simulation - models the whole process of people being transported by the elevators ü ü*
Selection of control systems including conventional and destination dispatch ü ü*
Use Elevate to implement, test and demonstrate your own dispatcher algorithms with simulation ü  
Select Metric or U.S. (imperial) units ü ü

Building Data
Enter floor name and floor level, up to 100 floors served per group ü ü
Express zones ü ü
Unlimited entrance floors at any level ü  
Single entrance floor at the lowest level in the building   ü

Elevator Data
Enter number of elevators, maximum 12 per group ü ü
Enter any capacity or select from standard sizes ü ü
Enter door times, or allow Elevate to choose automatically based on capacity ü ü
Enter any speed or select from standard speeds ü ü
Enter any acceleration and jerk rate or allow Elevate to choose based on speed ü ü
SELECT and SPECIFY features to help you analyse many different configurations in single run ü ü
Report options to automatically reject results that do not meet your criteria ü ü
Option for elevators in a group not to serve the same floors, e.g. basement service by only part of the group ü  
Option for elevators to be specified individually, e.g. different sizes and speeds in the same group  ü  

Passenger Data
Enter passenger loading and unloading times ü ü
Enter passenger mass ü ü
Enter capacity factor ü ü
Enter length of simulation run ü ü
Enter stair factor ü ü
Enter floor population ü ü
Passengers may arrive at any floor ü  
Passengers may arrive at ground (lowest) floor only   ü
Option to mix traffic types, for example passengers, goods, porter with trolley ü  
Option to change intensity of traffic by time of day ü  
Tools to assist fast entry of common traffic flows ü  
Option to provide Elevate with a list of pasengers, and define each passenger individually ü  

Printed Output
Summary of data entered and results calculated - includes your job titles, company name and logo ü ü
Select toolbar button to transfer the data and results to Excel (if installed on your computer) ü  

Maintenance and support
Support - email (preferred) and telephone support included from date of purchase for: 1 year 1 year
Maintenance - upgrades issued to the software provided at no additional charge, from date of purchase for: 1 year 1 year
Option to renew maintenance and support with Peters Research Ltd at end of free period  ü ü
Option to purchase future upgrades from Elevator World ü ü

Available Formats
Software and manual available for download from internet ü ü
Software available via Internet download with printed manual ü  

Activating Elevate
When you purchase, we provide a key to unlock the software on our computer (plugs into USB port) ü  
When you have purchased, we provide an unlocking code which unlocks the software on your computer   ü

* indicates for up peak only